Winky the Humpback Whale

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There's a very good chance you'll see whales but it's not a specific whale watching trip.

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It's a mixed journey. Trips to Baja and Azores are very whale focused, and I imagine kids would be very keen to see whales once or twice, but not to spend a whole week looking at them. You still get off the boat in Baja and see other things, but the trips really revolve around the whales.

Natasha Preston, from our supplier Exodus, offers tips of whale watching with kids in Sri Lanka:. I always find the leaders and guides are so knowledgeable that they can give you so much information and engage you without it feeling like a lesson. You might be out at sea for a couple of hours without seeing a great deal, but they're really good at keeping you interested, telling you more about their country and wildlife and marine life, so they're great for kids as well.

I think Sri Lanka is a great family destination.

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There's lot of interesting activities, interesting culture and history and fabulous coastline round there, so you can have a nice mix of cultural activities then spend some time down on the coast - enjoying the beaches, snorkelling, that kind of thing, for keeping kids busy. History Since Our business in numbers Honesty scheme Who are we? Get in touch Contact us - call or email Call us from anywhere No queues or automation Sign up to our newsletter.

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Southwest Atlantic humpback whales on recovery path

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