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The circumstances may change, but the same feelings of stress, and the desire to perform well, can trigger the relevant recurrent dream. Dream theorists generally agree that recurring dreams are connected to unresolved problems in the life of the dreamer. In a previous post , I discussed the idea that dreams often portray a Central Image , a powerful dream image that contextualizes a certain emotion or conflict for the dreamer.

The Tidal Wave dream is an example of a Central Image that represents overwhelming emotions such as helplessness and fear. Resolution of this theme over time is a good sign that the trauma has been confronted and adaptively integrated in the psyche. Empirical research has also supported findings that resolution of a recurrent dream is associated with improved well-being Zadra, This is one way that keeping track of your dreams can be extremely informative and helpful in a therapeutic, or even self-help , process.

However, even if recurrent dreams are vanquished for a certain time, they will sometimes return again during a new period of stress. One subject in our lab reported a recurrent dream of being unable to speak, a common theme that might involve teeth falling out or lips being glued shut. The Central Image captures a sensation of being unable to speak and may reflect shyness or difficulty expressing oneself. In this case, the subject had this recurrent dream many times as an adolescent, though the dream disappeared during college, presumably after having overcome this challenge.

However, after moving to another country and having to learn a new language, the dream came back. Thus are old scripts sometimes revived in new, different times of stress. The cessation of a recurrent dream may indicate that the conflict has been successfully resolved. Thus, being aware of and working with recurring dreams in your personal life or in therapy is a useful tool for resolving conflicts and improving well-being.

Arnulf, I. Will students pass a competitive exam that they failed in their dreams?. Consciousness and cognition, 29, Spoormaker, V. A cognitive model of recurrent nightmares. International Journal of Dream Research, 1 1 , Wamsley, E.

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Dreaming of a learning task is associated with enhanced sleep-dependent memory consolidation. Current Biology, 20 9 , Zadra, A. Recurrent dreams: Their relation to life events. Barrett ed. Recurring dreams hold a lot of value because, not only do i have these but many other people, if not everyone else does as well.

In my opinion, one of the most popular is of you falling in your sleep but never falling but if you do in the dream you die in real life --to me this makes you think hence cognitive. As the article states, many theorist have developed their own view points on this subject ,and while some view it as "scripts" and others view it as"complexes. I nly view it as a fear, the article says that most recurring dreams tend to be negative, so per-say you were constantly dreaming of a test and had been nervous about it -- i think its just a constant reminder through the form of a dream.

First things first, the easy answer is, face your fear, but I'm not afraid of heights and I can't really do anything else about it. I have had this one crazy dream for over a year and I'm having it every night, I'm on top of a building and there is a person sat in a chair on the very edge, with a black bag over their head, and I walk up to them, bend down and push them off the chair, sit on the chair and watch them fall, then I'd usually wake up, but last night I saw them hit the ground and I have never seen anything like it, how would I be able to think about this image in such detail without ever seeing it before?

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I've never witnessed a death or been to a funeral? Is me sitting on the chair at the end of each dream a symbol of pushing myself off in the next one? I don't know what it means or how to get rid of it. I often dream that I am having a journey by boat but suddenly it begins to sink. Now I am tired of this dream. I am so afraid of water. So when I wake up,my heart beats faster and I am so scared.

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Can u pls tell me what to do? What u really need to do is to face that fear take chances and take care of that dream once and for all. I have had a dream off and on my whole life, I am walking through neighborhood after neighborhood trying to get home, and I keep making wrong turns and getting off track. I know exactly what it means. I keep having this dream where I am lost looking for my home. I just see very tall buildings all around.

I cannot see anything other than the buildings. I then find myself looking at a neverending block of buildings under construction. I have no idea what could be causing these dreams. Dreams are not a domain a psychiatrist because if you trust him than it means you are hiring an actor, you are hiring a false god explaining you things he does not understand. If you dream of a robot that has an intelligence and is a treat to your soul than it also means that you trust the robotization in the industry or that you are too relaxed about this problem.

God will give you warnings into your dream and such warnings will give the power and a soul to a robot in order to sneak into your dream.

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God may allow an evil god to give you a dream however this spiritual mechanism is not clear to me yet nor to any of us. If you ask about it to your prist and he will not give you a good answer it means the Church is corrupted. Just change your priest.

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  • Robots are quite surely connected to pretty women that are serving the robotization thus if you are a man and you look at the wrong woman you could have this type of dreams. In my personal opinion the type of woman that is very relaxed about this type of industry is often dressing in red, total red color. This phenomena is commonly referred to it as the red beast. Giving strenght to this type of phenomena means allowing robots to have a soul and a misterious form of energy that could make them run as if driven by atomic energy.

    I must be different or the people who wrote the article know nothing about recurring dreams or never had one to begin with. I state my claims that it was said that the recurring dreams are usually unpleasant. Well i have been getting a recurring dream over the past 6 months or so,and it actually a very pleasant dream. Its kind of hard to explain but wow it is nice. I am 43 years old. I have had a dream a few times now where I've been fighting Leviathan, or at least what I think is Leviathan. I'll always be on a port city armed with a lightning infused crossbow trying to shot arrows at a huge fire breathing sea serpent.

    The most obvious interpretation is that I'm fighting my own pride but what do you guys think?

    So, what of a dream that has occurred sporadically since about the age of 7? A few continuances and some parts didn't click until I was 28 and one individual I had never know until that age was what made it hit? I use to keep a journal for my dreams and on several occasions had the dreams become a reality years later down to the clothes, scents and people? I've never had a recurring dream that I can recall, but the themes of my dreams, although my dreams are different, are always the same to some degree.

    The only time it deviates from these things is when I dream about having an emotional confrontation with someone who has been frustrating me, or when I dream about someone I have romantic feelings for, but these two themes are a lot less common for me. Also, I never have mundane dreams. Like, ever.

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    • I never have the dreams about school or work or not wearing pants or being naked in public, etc. My dreams are ALWAYS elaborate and fantastical and have many, many scenes and scenarios they go through before I wake up, and I can remember almost all of them in great detail.