Weisheiten des Lebens: Lebenserfahrungen (German Edition)

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Finanzierung: Wohin mit dem Geld? Reparieren des Daches: Reparieren des Turms: Euro. Austausch der Elektroleitungen: Euro. Regenrinne: Feuchtigkeitsverdichtung: Euro. Bau eines neuen Zaunes: Euro. Badezimmer in allen Schlafzimmern: Euro.

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Erneuerung der Fenster: Euro. Austausch der Wasserleitungen: Euro. Das dringendste Projekt ist unser Dach. Bisherige Finanzierung.

Dear friends and supporter! About six Years ago we discovered this wonderland and decided to settle down here. Today we use it as a place of silence, spirituality and wisdom in order to help people to heal themselves. Who we are. Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski. I was born in Augsburg, Bavaria in and used to be a successful entrepreneur at my early years.

But it seemed something missing in my life, so I started my journey of spirituality at the age of I am a trained systemic family and sexual therapist with knowledge in homeopathy and kinesiology. As a qualified traditional healer, I have built my professional and reputation in spiritual healing through my ten-year experience in Vipassana meditation practice and helping troubled young people in Portugal. Later, I overcame cancer twice, and after my recovery, devoting myself to share my life experience to people and help them live their lives.

My partner James or Jim I call him , was born in England in After the death of his sister, his father and his business friend - he left behind all the material goods he had gained as a successful businessman. He bought a sailboat and starting a sailing trip. His trip ended in Portugal, where he met Ingrid. He had pursuing his dream of renovating traditional old buildings in Portugal for 13 years. Fortunately, our vision is able to be fulfilled as we came upon this pretty castle in Schochwitz six years ago.

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We renamed the castle as Healingcastle and invite everybody who is searching for inner peace and relaxation. Helpful volunteers from all over the world help us to fill the castle with live and support our ideas.

What we do. As we found this castle is such a peaceful place to relax, we would like to share this precious treasure to you. We welcome people regardless of their age, gender, origin, religion or beliefs. Come and join us to embark on the road of self-discovery.

We are also very proud having our 12 meter high, wooden statue of Holy Maria, in the centre of the castle. She gives love and trust to the place and to the people. Beside, we offer simple family rooms or antique suites for you to be away from the everyday life and have a good rest for your body and soul.

In addition, the castle is a fancy place to marry, doing workshops or seminars, family celebrations and other encounters. Ecclesiastes 2, 13 NT. Personal avowals Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. The wise man's stone is science , that can work all wonders and solve all riddles of the mortal sphere.

The universal medicine is wisdom, the only cure for ignorance, which is the universal disease. Humility is endless.

Then I had a wisdom experience that said, "Everything that you have and you feel good about was a gift, really. And that's actually what set me on my decision to be a doctor.

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When I see I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see I am everything, that is love. And between these two, my life flows. In pursuit of wisdom, every day something is dropped.

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April Selimiye Mosque dome , Edirne, Turkey. Article The Wisest Quotes on Wisdom. Wisdom, like fine wine, takes time to age. Seitzer, Ph. But the doctrine you desire, absolute , perfect dogma that alone provides wisdom, does not exist. Nor should you long for a perfect doctrine, my friend. The deity is within you, not in ideas and books. Truth is lived, not taught. July , November , Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true. Galadriel to Frodo , cited in: J. The clever wait.

And the wise go into the garden. Spock , It always came through that wisdom was called upon when fundamental, existential, and uncertain dilemmas of life [see 4 items] were concerned which, interestingly, in very similar kinds and ways occur across cultures and across historical time — due to the fact that we are one species. We are sexual beings.

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We are vulnerable in our physical body. We are terminal on this planet. We are torn between being deeply dependant when we come on this planet and wanting to become autonomous. Great consensus that people know when they see it but they wouldn't be able to produce it themselves very easily. Another aspect is the emotion regulation.

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It is crucial making headway on our path in wisdom to be able to tolerate negative emotions. And rather than encouraging [to avoid negative emotions] — which we often do and which is good because it is highly functional, to reframe and to do away with negative emotions to get on with our lives and come back to a balance in our wellbeing — for some insights to be gained it is crucial to stick with the negative emotions and to learn from them rather than to away with them and reframe them right from the start.

But by going to the bottom of things you learn more and you may be able to take the next step. Study by Dr. Baltes German developmental psychologist, wisdom researcher, gerontologist, Ursula Staudinger, Ph. Every cell is an intelligent organism. You can remove it from the body, put it into a Petri dish and it will manage its own life: handle the environment, grow, reproduce and form communities with other cells. In the human body we are dealing with a vast community of cells working together in harmony.

In a culture dish, cells behave as individual entities. However, in a body cells act as a community; individuals really cannot do whatever they want because then the coherence of the group will fall apart. Therefore, when cells come together in a community they acquire a central intelligence that is involved with coordinating the activity of the individual cells in the group. The cells actually defer to the higher order of that central voice. A human organism is a community of upwards of fifty trillion cells operating in unison and harmony, trying to conform to the requests and demands of that central voice.

And it is the central voice that acquires and learns the perceptions that we must deal with throughout our lives. There are three sources of life-controlling perceptions. Items related to Die Weisheit des Urchristentums.