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Route a STTR form via the chain-of-leadership for approval. ASOC also known as AUX is an advanced course in the Leadership Continuum which focuses on the skills necessary to lead and manage the responsibilities at the District level. Pre and Post-classroom assignments extend the learning experience over a six-month period, with intense instruction during the resident portion of the course.

Who takes ASOC? Prerequisites: applicants are to be current elected Auxiliary Vice District Commodores and newly appointed National Directorate Commodores. Those members who have previously attended this course or not currently an office holder are ineligible due to limited space.

Auxiliary C-schools are Coast Guard-funded formal training events.

Coast Guard Auxiliary – Sea Scout Partnership

They are short-term in nature i. They normally require students to travel to a Coast Guard training center, although some C-schools can be exported so that instructors travel to regional locations to deliver the training. Short Term Training Request Auxiliary Manual Flotilla Procedures Manual.

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National Testing Center. If you wish to contact us regarding any aspect of the Member Training Program, please fill out the form to the right and click on the "Send Message" button.

Welcome Guest! Leadership Training Leadership training is a very highly sought after and demanded series of classes. Click on an item below to show or hide information. Show All.

Hide All. Further, the Auxiliary Manual outlines the duties and responsibilities of all Auxiliarists. Text for this course is the Auxiliary Manual. You'll work your way through this information to achieve the following goals: Exercise leadership and supervision of the flotilla and assure that the overall flotilla program conforms to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary policies and procedures. Supervise administration and coordination between the Vice Flotilla Commander and staff members. Prepare to effectively support the policy, requirements, and procedures related to flotilla administration, administration principles courtesy, protocol, and ceremonies the auxiliary's technology world the flotilla staff flotilla correspondence.

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Accomplish a particular portion of the overall Team Coast Guard mission with a can do attitude on the part of all of the members to make the Flotilla be successful. Contact Us. Member Training Program. Send Message.

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Visitor Quick Links. Member Quick Links. You do not have to be qualified in the Boat Crew or Coxswain program to offer your boat as a Facility.

They do not in any way constitute an endorsement of the inked pages or any commercial or private issues or products presented there. We cannot make any warranty or representation concerning the content of these sites, or secondary sites from the pages to which they link. To help you become a qualified boat crew member and then a coxswain you can download the material from the download section of this site. Learn more about Auxiliary operations.