The True Story of (Ursula) Oresula

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Line 4. John Campbell gavo a dinner to the Bishop of. Foundation stone of tho Kiama Public Behool laid bv. Mnrks, J. Tho Hunter River district again flooded,. Tho Perseverance s. Groat floods in. The Deficiency Loans Funding Bill read a second. The Appropriation Bill read a second timo in tho. The Audit Bill was read a second timo, and passod. Excursion of tho Government "and Momborsof Par. Rjan and five children at Mus.

First news received in Sydney of the wreck of the. Through truffle icsumed on tho Great Northern. Deputation from West Maitland waited upon tho. Tho Countess of Belmore gave birth to a son. Tho Huuter River'distriot again flooded. Tho Government embankment i High-street, West. Public meeting at tho Masonic Hall, to establish a. Complimentary dinner to ' the Goulburn VolunteorB. An action for libol-Bennot v. Farnoll-triod at tho. The districts of Goulburn, Maitland, Penrith,.

Margaret Gilbert tried for infanticide, at the Central.

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Queen's Birthday. Vory heavy rain fell, and tho. Volunteer Club. Meeting at Exchange with roferonce to tho mode of. Paul's, West Muitland, rung for-tho first.

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Mudgee races. Macfarlane rcsignod his seat in the Legislativo i. Sports pOBtponod from 21th,'carno off on tho Albart. Meeting of the frionds of tho late Hon. John II,. Fallon, M. Third annual meeting of.

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Annual meeting of tho Princo Alfrod Band of Hopo. CaBsilis races. Arrival of the branch mail steamer at Adoloide. Parramatta raccB. Sociofy formed for apportioning poor Jowish maidons. Picsenlation to Rev. Public meeting at Cook's River in favour of the for-. Ball at Government House in celebration of her.

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Robort Morris as pastor. Tho Volunteer Review, postponed from Queen's. Presentation to Aitssrs. Harrison and Baily for their. Largo meeting at Bathurst in favour of tho Ordnance. First Municipal election for the [Borough of Wagga. Mnil from California via Honolulu arrived.

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  • James's schoolroom. Kiama Volunteers inspected hy Colonel Richardson. The first Mayor of the municipality of ForboB,. Dinner given to Intercolonial Conforenco delegates,. M'Donnell, Attorney-General of Victoria, resigned. Charles Mathews, the English comedian, mado.

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