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If I could give it 10 stars I would!!! Who thinks when they go to a baseball game you will get hit in the face with a ball?

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But that is what happens to model Murphy when a homerun ball hit by the hottest baseball player leads her to a hospital emergency room and then into surgery. Caden, the catcher on the team who hit the homerun, is concerned with hitting a fan and goes to the hospital to see Murphy, who he thinks is a man because of the name, and this is where the story begins. What follows is a story full of humor, becoming best friends first and getting to know each other. Both Caden and Murphy and wonderful characters that I loved right away.

They each have their own stories, which are interesting, and each bring a lot to each other. Caden is the boyfriend you want as he is caring, loving and respectful. There is a couple of twist in the story that add to it and good luck if you can put the book down until you are done reading it. Book is well written and very entertaining.

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Highly recommend it and look forward to reading more by this author. Vertaal recensie in het Nederlands. Thank you to the author for this wonderful story and for being able to write a book, where you can still feel the stronge connection between characters, without all the over the top details. This book is proof of that and very much appreciated.

What a fantastic, sweet, funny read!! There is instant chemistry - but it's friend-chemistry. And once they each realize that they're feeling more So good! The nicknames - so fun! The supporting cast made me want to read more about them, so I'll be adding more Samantha Christy stories to my library for sure! Thumbs up! Nobody can write a feel good love story like Samantha Christy and she delivers once again in the first book of her new series, The Perfect Game Series. Murphy is a small town Iowa girl that moves to NY to chase her dreams of being a model, after the death of her best friend.

She shares an apartment with a group of other models and has been dating Tony for several months. Tony and one of her roommates takes her to a Nighthawks game, where she gets hit in the face by a home run ball, hit by Caden. Caden feels terrible that his ball hit someone so he goes to the hospital to meet the person he hit. They become friends and as the story unfolds, you can see their feelings evolving. The story is told in dual POV, which I love. You will laugh with them, cry with them and you will get to visit with the characters from The Stone Brothers Series.

I love it when an author weaves characters from other books into their stories and Samantha Christy does a great job doing this. For people that are not big sports fans or if you are a diehard baseball fan, you will love this book, I know I did. Home run Ms Christy! The other thing that royally pissed me off about this book was how everything came back on Cassie.

Cassie apologized to HIM half the time and people were more worried about how the drama will affect Jacks Baseball career than anything else.

He cheated, yet she ends up apologizing????? The ONLY thing that had any saving grace to this book in the end was how he finally came grovelling back to her. That was a cute scene and saved the ending at least. It was annoying…..

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Cassie works for a magazine company as a photographer. When Jack finds out he flips his shit! Can I just take a chair and smack Jack across the face with it now? Because I just want to beat his ass! I almost threw my iPad again, I need to control my rage. The Sweetest Game: Book 3: This book was actually kind of okay. Throughout the entire series you never knew what was going on with them, but you knew you wanted them to end up together. You get more of their story in this book.

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My favorite part of the entire book was the epilogue. The entire book plays through the cheating crap, which pissed me off again…… BUT I was even MORE pissed off, because Jack told Dean and Dean had to keep his secret and you knew it was eating Dean up inside to know about it. The only funny scene was when Dean and Melissa go to Alabama to help Jack pack his house up. They run into Krystal at the bar and Melissa goes off on her and that was entertaining.

Who the hell would want a character like that as their lead male romantic interest? Also I found out that I am never reading another romance novel that involves either of the lead characters cheating because it will piss me off to no end and I will want to throw my iPad across the room……. In my book cheating is the 1 no no in a relationship. Author Website: J. I am glad your iPad survived this series! That all sounds like such a load of crap! Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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