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Particularly strong on the configuration and use of Android Studio, including setting up virtual test devices, it also covers things like map implementation and submitting apps to the Play store that are often poorly covered in other guides. Overall, it's the ideal one-stop shop for budding Android developers. Head First takes an unusual approach with its guides.

With a strong focus on pictures and casual language rather than dry, text-heavy tomes, the aim is to help readers learn, understand, and retain new concepts. The company's Android Development is no exception, full of diagrams, flowcharts, and comments to reinforce what's being covered.

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Redundancy is a key part of Head First's approach, with key material being referenced multiple times in a variety of ways to help it stick. All of those images and repetition make this a huge book — at over pages, it can seem intimidating at first glance and is intended as a full classroom replacement rather than a quick-reference guide.

  1. Slave To Love, a full-length edgy, sizzling thriller noir.
  2. Natures Nether Regions: What the Sex Lives of Bugs, Birds, and Beasts Tell Us About Evolution, Biodivers ity, and Ourselves!
  3. Untersuchung strategischer Einflussfaktoren für kooperative Produktionsnetzwerke (German Edition).
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You'll need a good working knowledge of Java, but don't need to be an expert already. Practical exercises abound, and homework is set at the end of each chapter. These are key aspects of the guide's approach — you'll rarely find yourself simply reading the material and moving on. If you're a visual learner, or otherwise struggle to retain information when it's presented as a dense wall of text, Head First Android Development will be a welcome change of pace. Whether you consider yourself a gifted primate or not, Antonis Tsagaris's Android Development for Gifted Primates is an interesting option.

Often using strong language and unafraid to express an opinion, the author suggests his guide as an alternative to "dry, humorless, life-sucking coding books [ Aimed at beginners, this comparatively-short and inexpensive book requires only a basic level of experience with Java or similar programming language to get started.

Available in printed or ebook form, it takes the reader through Android development from the absolute basics to finishing your first application. Along the way, you'll learn how to set up the Android Studio development environment, create an interactive user interface with XML, get different Android components to communicate with each other, and plenty more. If you're easily offended, you may want to look at one of the other Android development guides — but if not, this is an entertaining and useful place to start.

Rather than trying to be a complete Android development tutorial, Android Cookbook focuses on providing quick answers to common problems.

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With over "recipes" for things like user interfaces, multimedia, and location services, plus dealing with hardware-specific aspects like cameras and sensors, the guide is aimed at those already reasonably familiar with developing for Android devices. Around 40 developers contributed to the book, and it benefits from the wide range of perspectives and experience. Each recipe comes with sample code that you can use in your own projects, either a snippet or full working solution as appropriate. If you're looking for straightforward answers to knotty Android development issues, this cookbook deserves a place on your desk.

Since Google announced full support for the Kotlin programming language within Android Studio, it's quickly become the next big thing in Android development circles. Hmm, I wonder where you can find a ton of great tutorial videos all about Android development…. Stay tuned. It all depends on your style of learning. For me personally, Android was an struggle. BASIC is great for learning concepts like variables and conditional statements. Python is an easy introduction to object oriented programming. C has syntax similar to Java. At the very least, I would highly recommend you start out by learning Java without the added complication of Android.

It will help you grasp the basics before you start worrying about XML, Android versions, permissions, and resources. Still stuck? You could try taking a different approach entirely. One is to use the now-officially-supported Kotlin. You could even try the lesser-known Basic4Android. Everyone approaches learning in different ways. But a good way to start out for many people will be:.

Let me know what strategies helped you get started in the comments down below and good luck. Android Development. Adam Sinicki. Image credit: Iron Man. The project is quite big and is very active in development. For a beginner, it might be a bit difficult to grasp everything going on but it should be really interesting for any intermediate or advanced level Android developer. If you are looking to learn about monitoring Android processes, memory usage, CPU usage and stuff related to these, then this is the perfect project to start with.

Github Difficulty: Beginner. If you are looking for a project to learn or brush up your Material Design skills , then this is just for you. This project tries to replicate parts of the Instagram app in beautiful Material Design. There are tons of Material Design elements, animations and transitions used in this app which you can learn and implement in your own project.

It is quite simple, easy to understand and is perfectly suitable for any Android developer who wants to improve their design skills. Github Difficulty: Easy. CoCoin is an exhaustive personal finance and accounting solution sporting a clean and beautiful UI. If you want to learn how to manage lots of user data properly, draw beautiful charts from those data, make some cool custom views, then this open-source repository is just for you. If you are looking to build a fully-featured note-taking Android app like Evernote , then this is just the right project for you to start with.

The project is quite big with lots of features like sharing and searching notes, attaching images, videos, audios, sketching in your notes, adding reminders and much more. Another very cool thing you can learn from this project is to integrate your app with Google Now seamlessly.

A simple, clean and beautiful clipboard manager app for Android. The project is quite small, simple and easy to understand as well. But the package structure, architecture, naming conventions and coding standards used in this project are not up to the mark. It has been built in a very simple and beginner-friendly way.

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Github Difficulty: Advanced. If you have ever used an Android device, you surely had the need to clean up some junk data from your device. And Clean Master is one of the most popular choices among all. This app, as the name suggests, tries to emulate most of the features of Clean Master in a very clean and elegant way. But the overall project is a bit complicated and can take you some time to comprehend everything going on. If you are looking to build a travel based app and need to heavily rely on location and maps , then this project is probably the best place to start.

The design and the code quality of the app are not up to the mark but the overall app is really good and there are lots of things to learn for a beginner and even an intermediate level Android developer. A simple, super-fast and lightweight launcher application for Android. There are several cool and nifty features to learn from this project. So if you wanted to make a launcher for Android, this is probably the best way to start.

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The app is quite small and the project is quite simple to start with. A simple yet quite powerful text editor application for Android. You can also use this editor to write code and it supports syntax highlighting for different programming languages as well.