Statistics: A complete introduction: Teach Yourself

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They start with the basics and lead onto Algebra and Trig. Everything is explained in detail and with little need to look elsewhere for help. Subjects that have always been like mud to me now make sense. So much so that I am currently working through two other Maths books from the same authors, with a view to starting a Maths degree in September.

Even my wife is amazed at the transformation in my attitude. All thanks to this book. My only comment is that some of the practice questions take a bit of a leap and not everything is explained. Nothing huge, just little bits.

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However, if you take some time and look at the answer and try and work out how to get it. That gives you a huge ego boost.

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Brilliant book. I would even say for me, it changed my life.

Pretty amazing for a Maths book Work through it, do all the tasks. Revise the topics regularly and you will succeed. The main thing I learnt is that it takes practice. I am now old, and whilst I was at school, way back in the Dark Ages, I just could not get to grips with maths; we had a love-hate relationship. I hated maths, and maths loved to make me feel stupid. Though I tried my best at school, maths and I never mixed.

I would stumble and bumble my way through the work set by the teacher, copy answers from my brainy friend sat next to me, or sneakily rely on my calculator digital watch; back when digital watches were still considered a pretty neat idea.

Since leaving school I would use my beloved calculator watch, and later my smart phone, and later still that wonderful digital assistant lady forever present in my house, namely Alexa, to do all my maths for me. However, now I am semi-retired and have a lot more time on my hands, I decided to get to grips with maths and conquer the fear it has over me.

So I purchased this book and what I consider to be its companion Basic Mathematics: An Introduction: Teach Yourself Kindle Edition by Alan Graham , in the hope of improving my maths, not for any employment related purposes, but simply for personal achievement. This book is great. It takes you from an introduction of maths and puts it in such a way as to make it vary easy to understand indeed.

The explanations are put simply, free from confusing jargon, and where mathematical terms are used, they are explained in simple terms. There are various exercises you can do, ranging from simple arithmetic to the more complication for me anyway fractions, sines, cosines, trigonometry, and all that scary stuff. All of which is introduced and taught in a non-humiliating way. The pages are set out nicely, without clutter or unnecessary elaboration.

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  • So, whether you are old like me and want to finally defeat your fear of maths, or you wish to purchase this book to provide assistance to your child as they learn about the various aspects of maths, then I would recommend that you kook no further than this book and, indeed, its companion as I have already mentioned. I bought this great book in preperation for an Open University Course. I needed to refresh my maths and this seemed an ideal start point.

    As someone who hated maths at school and in fact was frightened of it , this is simple to follow and the explanations make the concepts easy to grasp. The exercises really help get you to understand and are actually fun to do! I have really enjoyed the book and working through the exercises , in fact I have bought the Algebra and Statistics books to carry on my revision!

    I have always hated the maths in school. I thought I am simply too dumb to understand it. When I turned 30 I though, let re-visit the subject, just for fun I have purchased this book for about six pounds, read it from first page to last. And now I am in the first year of doing degree in Physics. If you lack the total basics in maths because you though 'what is the point in learning this? Of course it will not prepare you for the uni but gives a solid foundation from which you can build up on.

    I always struggled with maths in secondary school, I just assumed I was bad at maths and would never master it.


    But with the help of Khan Academy and this book, I have been able to not only learn but apply what I have learnt. This book will provide a complete introduction to all aspects of mathematics that you would be taught in GCSE. I mention this because other introduction or basic mathematics books do not usually cover the whole range of mathematical subjects such as geometry, statistic and Algebra. Before this book, I could hardly do mathematical operations besides addition and subtraction, and basic multiplication, but now I able to do much more.

    One thing that is great about this book, is that you are tested as you are learning and they have plenty of practice questions, as well as example questions. Update: I am so pleased to state that I passed Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills Maths, which I needed to go to university, thanks in part to this book.

    Statistics: A complete introduction: Teach Yourself by Alan Graham

    This book is brilliant. I tutor secondary school students and after a long break from teaching, this book just covers everything you need to know on a simple and straightforward way with lots of examples to work through. I wish I'd had it when I sat my exams. Highly recommended. The book covers all the key areas of Statistics including graphs, data interpretation, spreadsheets, regression, correlation and probability.

    Everything you will need is here in this one book. Each chapter includes not only an explanation of the knowledge and skills you need, but also worked examples and test questions. A bestselling introductory course that covers all the key areas of Statistics including graphs, data interpretation, spreadsheets, regression, correlation and probability. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Condition: New.

    Statistics - A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself (Electronic book text)

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