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Does the Commission believe that the Spanish Government, in not allowing the Tax Agency to conduct its specialist operations in the correct manner, is acting appropriately to keep the public deficit under control? Does the Commission believe it necessary to increase revenue by improving inspections of large companies and wealthy individuals?

In its next set of recommendations to Spain, does the Commission intend to encourage that country to operate an independent Tax Agency that can combat fraud and tax evasion effectively and improve tax collection from large companies and wealthy individuals?

l'anti-bible a l usage des fous et des futurs entrepreneurs

Collection of taxes is a competence of national authorities. The Commission is therefore not in a position to comment on how Member States organise their controls nor on the internal structure of tax authorities.


The Commission considers that efficient tax collection is important to sound public finance management and to fairness. The Commission will issue the recommendations in the summer Why is the Commission refusing to apply the salary weighting for Luxembourg? Is the Commission prepared to review its position, which goes against the principle of the equal treatment of staff, regardless of their place of employment? The situation in Luxembourg is taken into account through the new Joint Index, which reflects changes in the cost of living in Luxembourg and in Belgium.

Furthermore, the co-legislators also maintained the year old principle of single weighting for Brussels and Luxembourg. The Commission continues to comply with its obligation to keep the current rules under review, in order to ensure that they still meet the purpose for which they were adopted. Finally, the Commission is well aware of the Following a recent court ruling, the Commission has made a proposal regarding the annual adjustments of remuneration for and , which would, if adopted by Parliament and Council, lead to small salary increases.

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant drug used to control nasal congestion caused by allergies or colds. For instance, in the Czech Republic it is compulsory to verify the identity of the purchaser and to register the transaction with the State Institute for Drug Control.

However, not all EU Member States have put in place strict and uniform rules on the dispensation of this easily abused drug. Drug dealers, therefore, have little difficulty in travelling to one country and buying up large amounts of the drug, which they then process in amateur drug labs for distribution in neighbouring countries. Countries that are often mentioned in this context are Poland, where pseudoephedrine is easily available, and the Czech Republic, where methamphetamine is one of the most widely used drugs and which serves as a launch pad for smuggling to western EU Member States.

The conditions and restrictions under which a medicinal product should be made available to patients are laid down by the respective member states, with the only exception of medicinal products authorised by the European Commission in the centralized procedure. The Council has not discussed taking steps to amend these rules. A case is currently ongoing against a former Greek defence minister and his associates who allegedly received large bribes from German companies. An entire system was built up over the last two decades for the purpose of organising Greek defence ministry orders from German companies selling military equipment.

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In many cases, the equipment purchased was of practically no use to the Greek army. Billions of euros were spent for the sole purpose of making some German companies richer. Does the Commission know that German companies made substantial profits at the expense of the Greek state? Does it intend to investigate the situation further? Given that the receipt of bribes by government officials is regarded as illegal in many European countries, is it also illegal to offer bribes?

Does the Commission intend to launch an all-out investigation into the German companies who paid bribes to Greek officials in order to win business contracts? Passive and active bribery were covered by this report, with a wide range of other corrupt practices. The report focused on key issues in each Member State. For several Member States, including Germany, the report assessed the effectiveness of policies targeting private-to-public corruption and foreign bribery and country-specific suggestions were made to further improve efforts in this area. The Member States are responsible for the maintenance of law and order at national level.

The Commission will set up an experience sharing programme, to follow-up on the suggestions of the report. The next Report will be adopted in two years. Measures to fight corruption in Greece are introduced in the context of the Economic Adjustment Programme. A draft law is expected to be sent to Parliament soon. Substantial technical assistance has been deployed to support the Greek authorities in these tasks. Korkean edustajan, varapuheenjohtaja Catherine Ashtonin komission puolesta antama vastaus. Erityinen painopiste on naisissa. The inability of the international community to bring the relevant parties together in the years since the conflict began has increased the influence of non-democratic actors in Syria including Al-Qaeda-related groups , and has also altered the goals of the democratic uprising started by youth and civil society activists.

One of the most prominent pro-democracy groups is the Syrian Democratic Forum, which is driven mostly by young activists who joined forces during the early stages of the Syrian uprising and played an essential role in organising protests, sit-ins and marches and documenting human rights violations. These Syrian civil society activists, who have had to flee the country, are very concerned about what post-conflict Syria will look like and the way in which state-building and constitution-drafting, among other things, will proceed if the parties likely to be in power are inherently undemocratic.

The EU is supporting Syrians affected by the conflict to prepare them to play an active role in the future transition in Syria, with a particular focus on women.

This includes training programmes for Syrians, including those in the diaspora, in various areas of politics, civil society and economy. The projects are related to the freedom of the media, media standards, support to journalists, documentation of and reporting on human rights abuses. The consultations were helpful in jointly assessing important transition parameters ranging from constitutional issues, transitional justice to electoral law reform.

The EU has consistently advocated for better links between external and internal opposition groups, also in the context of the Geneva II talks. This statement did not contain any condemnation whatsoever with regard to the Sabra and Shatila massacre or the continuous offensives that he carried out on the Palestinian people over the course of his life, during both his military and political career. A committee of enquiry set up by the Israeli Government itself found that the Israel Defence Forces were indirectly responsible for this genocide as they did not prevent the slaughter.

According to documented evidence, Sharon himself incited the Phalangist militias to perpetrate the genocide; for almost 48 hours, these militias murdered, tortured and raped their victims. The Israeli army allowed and colluded in this, by illuminating the night sky over the camps and thus helping the Phalangist militias to massacre the victims who are hitherto known to have died.

Does the President of the European Council intend to withdraw his statement on the death of Ariel Sharon? It is also emphasised that President Van Rompuy consistently upholds the importance of human rights in his meetings and messages. Asunto: Repregunta sobre obligaciones de servicio financiero. I have just received a reply from the European Commission to a question I asked about the possible introduction of certain minimum obligations on given financial institutions with a view to facilitating loans for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In my opinion, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the Statute of the European Central Bank provide sufficient powers to regulate the conditions of the auctions it undertakes or the deposits it offers. Other approaches could be taken, however.

If the financial institutions have obtained huge amounts of public funds because we were reminded ad nauseam of their transcendence and comparisons were made with the human circulatory system, this aid should be counterbalanced by the establishment of certain obligations. Has the Commission considered the possibility of laying down some minimum service obligations, such as making financial institutions whose annual profits exceed a certain percentage to reserve funds for loans to SMEs or for social purposes?

Or of placing small financial institutions in neighbourhoods that have been left without local bank branches, as has happened in Spain as a result of the drastic restructuring of Spanish savings banks?

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Or of providing loans under certain specified terms to small local businesses? Finally, in cases where small companies lack liquidity due to the substantial debts generated by the slowness of settlements from government institutions, would another option not be to promote novation of these loans? It is for the individual banks to decide how they focus their lending policies. This programme, if requested, can provide partial risk coverage through guarantees and equity investments to financial intermediaries i.

Horizon makes greater use of such financial instruments to attract yet more investment, both public and private, into RDI. This programme will support equity investments, including by business angels and venture capitalists, into innovative firms mainly SMEs at the early stage of development. It will also pilot a scheme to co-invest with technology transfer funds and offices. EUR festgelegt.

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April eingehalten werden? Wenn ja, wie ist der neue Zeitplan, und wird dies die Kosten beeinflussen? EUR bzw.

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What are the total costs of constructing the Europa building according to the most up-to-date estimates? How much of this has already been transferred to the Belgian state as the main contractor? Are the construction measures progressing according to plan, or are there any delays? If so, what is the new schedule and will this affect the costs? No amounts were transferred to the Belgian state in No more payments are currently foreseen before the handover of the building.

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How many official cars were purchased by the Council in each of the years , , , and and what were the costs associated with these purchases? How many official cars most recent available figure does the Council have in its possession and what was the expenditure associated with these vehicles in each of the years , , , and ? How many chauffeurs are employed by the Council and what was the total expenditure for chauffeur services rendered during each of the years , , , and ?

The increase in budget item for was generated by the new lease contract, since cars are no longer purchased but leased instead. Budget item purchase of the vehicle fleet has accordingly been set at 0. The number of drivers employed and the expenditure for chauffeur services are set out in the table below:. Wie viele Beamte des Rates gingen in den Jahren , , und in den Krankenstand? Wie hoch ist der prozentuale Anteil gemessen an der Gesamtanzahl der Beamten im Rat?

Wie hoch waren die Gesamtkosten, die durch den Krankenstand der Beamten des Rates in den Jahren , , und entstanden? Wie hoch waren die Durchschnittskosten pro erkranktem Beamten im Rat in diesen Jahren? Wie viele Tage befand sich ein Beamter des Rates durchschnittlich in den Jahren , , und im Krankenstand?

Die durchschnittliche Zahl der Krankentage Arbeitstage, d. Die folgende Tabelle zeigt, wie viele Beamte und Bedienstete des Rates in den Krankenstand gingen und wie lange sie krankheitsbedingt fehlten Kollegen ohne krankheitsbedingte Fehltage sind nicht erfasst; in der letzten Spalte sind auch die Langzeiterkrankungen erfasst. How many officials of the Council reported sick during the years , , and ?

What was the percentage rate measured against the total number of officials in the EEAS?