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Data sent back by the two Voyager spacecraft have shed new light on the structure of the Solar System. Forty-two years after they were launched, the spacecraft are still going strong and exploring the outer reaches of our cosmic neighbourhood.

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By analysing data sent back by the probes, scientists have worked out the shape of the vast magnetic bubble that surrounds the Sun. Researchers detail their findings in six separate studies published in the journal Nature Astronomy. Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Jon Meltzer. Further —. The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel has been closed since early July while it is being tested to determine whether it is the source of the outbreak.

Dragon Con begins August Public health officials and environmental experts are working with the hotel to determine if it is the source of the outbreak, he said. Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association announces to members that voting for the Aurora Awards is now open , and will continue until September If you just want to see the public ballot, it is here.

The actor says Legendary defied that provision and negotiated license agreements with Sinclair Broadcasting, Hulu and Pluto TV without informing him.

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And while it was a big hit and made me laugh, in hindsight it seems, I dunno. He is inevitable. Libraries offer free display space for books in over 16, locations nationwide. We accept renewable purchasing agreements and limits on e-book lending, specifically because we understand that publishing is a business, and that there is value in authors and publishers getting paid for their work. At the same time, most of us are constrained by budgeting rules and high levels of reporting transparency about where your money goes.

Back-to-back non-US Worldcons has presented some unique challenges.

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One has been to arrange two tours back-to-back, but we have done it. With our Ireland tour about to begin, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a tour of both islands of New Zealand in connection with CoNZealand in The proposed itinerary is here [PDF file]. Human bodies were never meant to exist in weightless conditions.

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All the fluid being pumped around your body right now needs gravity to get it to the right place. Think about hanging upside down from a jungle gym, the blood rushing to your head. How long do you think you could handle living like that? How many days in a row? This makes it a little hard to breathe. Farts collect inside your intestine until the pressure suddenly forces them out when you least want them to. The most dramatic—and obvious—way this effects you is that your face gets super puffy, distorting your features. Since everyone in space looks like they have the mumps, people start to get irritable.

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Innocent comments get misconstrued, and tempers flare. Because of all the fistfights that are sure to break out during long missions to Mars. Of course, bouncing off other people all the time and getting in their way is inevitable given the close quarters. It might be better than the alternative, though…. They have built a tiny taster which exploits the properties of gold and aluminium to test differences between the spirits. The technology can pick up on the subtler distinctions between the same whisky aged in different barrels.

Archaeologists have found what could be a Viking drinking hall during a dig in Orkney. The site, at Skaill Farmstead in Westness, Rousay, is believed to date back to the 10th Century and may have been used by the chieftain Sigurd. Some were published last year, but other items are things you missed while doing your Hugo reading. To identify the books resonating with readers, we looked at sci-fi and fantasy novels published so far this year in the U.

Then we filtered that list by average rating everything on this list has at least a 3.

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So what does happen when your body is donated to medical science? Last week new details of a lawsuit emerged against The Biological Resource Centre in Arizona following an FBI raid in in which gruesome remains of hundreds of discarded body parts were discovered. Newly unreleased court documents revealed that families of those whose bodies had been donated to the centre said they believed their relatives remains would be used for medical and scientific research.

Jim Stauffer is one of the multiple plaintiffs suing the centre. So how does the body donation business operate in the US and what expectations do people have about these facilities? A man who wrote music for The Simpsons for 27 years is suing its makers for allegedly firing him due to his age. Heinlein and Chesley Bonestell. Title credit goes to File contributor of the day Acoustic Rob.

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  6. Joe Siclari looks forward to digitizing more zines and photos at the Worldcon —. Next week, our Scanning Station is coming to Dublin. If you are attending the Dublin Worldcon and can brings fanzines appropriate for scanning, we would love to have them.

    Look for our banner. We have run similar Scanning Stations this year at Boskone and Corflu with great success. If you have photos in digital format, please bring those too. The pouring of Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout is here. Comic artist Alan Davis designed the label. Will you collect it or drink it? Each year, when July rolls through, Stone Brewing serves up a superhero of an imperial stout.

    Its sheer existence, a POW! Its contents — an art; its bottle — a collectible. I am so honored and proud to be one of its parents. Smith joked about seeing a bunch of people dressed as Klingons sneering at the lame geeks striding by dressed as stormtroopers. Their culture was no longer mocked and hated! Their tribe had grown beyond imagining! But one detail that he chose to highlight was telling—that it was no longer hard to find T-shirts featuring Marvel superheroes. Comic-Con is filled with people who both seek validation in their manias and mistrust the manias next door, whether those neighboring fandoms seem to bring down the cultural property values or try to make them annoyingly highbrow.

    No matter how pollyannaish you want to be about change and growth, more people in an experience makes for a different experience. Such changes may come to the benefit of the newcomers but the detriment of old-timers…. Data did die at the end of Nemesis. But I am on the show. I do make appearances. Last month Butt Detective: The Movie was also caught up in the growing boycott of Japanese goods, services and companies. Tokyo accused Seoul of breaking sanctions on North Korea, but the move was widely seen as retaliation for a Korean court ruling that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has to pay compensation to Koreans forced to work for the company during World War II….

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    Fraggle Rock voice actor Stuart M. Stuart M. He was 80 years old. And two, to take steps to snag an agent for what I hope will be the next step in my writing career. These nations boast a range of newspapers and public libraries, as well as provide convenient access to computers and strong educational resources to its residents. To combat this obstacle while continuing its prioritization of literacy, twice a year the Stockholm Library Service rents a boat for a week and brings books to 23 inhabited islands.

    He looks just like a pinker version of my father when he was young. It's been brought to my attention that I look exactly like Mike Glyer's father. This is a weird day. I'm still processing this. My father is in the lower left corner of this holiday card, sent out in the early days of television. He was the one who wanted to disintegrate everybody last episode, if you recall.

    Not their names, which he reckons are absurd cheek! French inventor Franky Zapata has made the first-ever successful Channel crossing on a jet-powered flyboard. The invention, powered by a kerosene-filled backpack, made the mile Mr Zapata, a former jet-ski champion, had failed in his first attempt to cross the Channel on 25 July after complications with refuelling.

    Once upon a time a museum in a charming old German town was given a very important, long-lost gravestone. Her restored gravestone has just gone on display at the Diocesan Museum in Bamberg, southern Germany. It was donated by a family who had rescued it. The new version is now being sold online. You knew this, right? But one thing he was NOT, by any stretch, was a hippie. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif. Is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood genre? Title credit goes to File contributing editor of the day Jack Lint.