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The fondness of a father, The passion of a child; The tenderness of a loving friend An understanding smile. All of this and so much more, You've lavished on a faithless whore I've never known love like this before Hosea, you're a fool. Bridge: This God of yours would not have told To lift a love that you couldn't hold; And though time and time again I flee, I'm always glad to see you coming after me!

Simply more than I can see, How he keeps on forgiving me The wife of adultery; Gomer is my name.

Pentecost 7 (C): Poolside with Gomer

Ocena 0 glasova :. Privatnost Pravila i uslovi Android Kontakt. Tekstovi pesama su u vlasnistvu njihovih autora i prikazani su iskljucivo u edukativne svrhe. Sajt ne sadrzi mp3 pesme za download. It was in the schoolhouse of sorrow that Hosea was shaped and God fashioned a prophet into a man of God.

Gomer's Theme Third Day

This portion of the Kingdom always had a tendency to be even more wicked than the Southern Kingdom Judah and Benjamin. His voice sounded with the shrill pitch of a trumpet but despite what God gave him to say, he loved the people with all of his heart and yearned for them to return back to their God. When God called him, Jeroboam ll, was the king.

After this king died, things continued their downward spiral.

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One king after another began to try to rule. Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, and Pekahiah found that they could only sit in the royal courts for just a few months before being cast aside. They seemed to lose all of their sense of shame, they cast every restraining influence in their lives to the wind, there was no moral energy in their hearts, and no self-control in their lives.

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Led of God but with hesitation in his step found Gomer the daughter of Diblaim. Gomer, early in her waywardness, probably had that youthful attractiveness to her that won the heart of Hosea. Gomer probably thinking that Hosea was just another suitor began to attempt to entertain him.

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But Hosea, bound by the laws of God refused to allow himself to drop into the role of the sinner. Sermon Topics: Forgiveness In Jesus. Dwight Jones. Post Reply Cancel.

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