Religion Without God

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Religion Without God

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Part 2. Does Evolutionary Psychology Undermine Religion? Susan Blackmore. Daniel Dennett.

Jared Diamond. Anthony A. Michael Shermer. David Brin. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. Denis Alexander. Justin Barrett.

Religion Without God

Warren Brown. Steven J.

Legal judgment was a matter of argument and discernment, and the sensibility involved had to be partly moral but at the same time attentive in complex ways to what had been enacted and the significance of precedent decisions. They didn't just abandon the quest and start making new law at the first sign of difficulty.

In a generous and good-humoured way, Dworkin practised what he preached. He was not one to allow himself the last word in any controversy, let alone anyone else.

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He believed that perseverance in argument — the worth of persevering in argument — was the best tribute to the rights and values and principles at whose altar, in a manner of speaking, he worshipped. His contribution, mainly in the pages of the New York Review of Books , was prodigious. Dworkin had a great faith in courts as forums of principled argument, and though that faith must have been shaken at times, he never gave up on the idea that the these institutions had a salutary role to play in a democracy.

Better still, he never gave up on explaining to his readers what was at stake in the decisions he described. You didn't have to agree with him to see the immense contribution he made by talking publicly about this. The courts matter to citizens, and so does the law their law — that's what he thought. We have nothing like that in Britain, no one of his stature and perseverance to explain in an informed and elegant way what the UK supreme court is doing or the European court of human rights.

Can You Be Good Without God?

Perhaps Stephen Sedley is beginning to fill this role, but no one has filled it for us for as long as Dworkin did for his readership in and beyond the US. I think that the crisis in this country regarding the legitimacy of the Strasbourg court has been aggravated by the absence of any such commentator, anyone who might have shown us regularly, on issue after issue, case after case, why the court matters here, why the issues that it confronts matter, and why the law that it brings to these issues matters too, in a way that admits of better or worse reasoning, right and wrong answers.

A year or two before Religion Without God , Dworkin published Justice for Hedgehogs , a huge book in every sense that aimed to bring together apparently disparate principles and values under the auspices of one master ethical conception.

The pluralism of the fox "has ruled the roost in academic and literary philosophy for many decades," said Dworkin; but he wanted to defend the unity of value. His hedgehog, however, was not someone who worried away at a single topic. Topics Philosophy books. Religion Politics books reviews. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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  • Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin – review | Books | The Guardian!
  • Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin!
  • Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin – review | Books | The Guardian?

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