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In fact, quite a few of the things I read deemed it as being uncharacteristic of the typical LFD portfolio. The 6. Lots of legislative news since our last show. First, a very brief update in the form of a date. July 28, If these are cigarettes, call them cigarettes. THIS is why we need a solid definition that differentiates premium cigars from other types of tobacco products. The list specifically notes the fear of the overwhelming pre-review process that the industry now faces.

A number of retailers have been busily posting pictures as they land in stores.

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They come in count boxes with MSRP pricing rangin Episode Cuban Travel with Zedman and Unbanded. It was originally going to be the Diamond Crown maduro repackaged, but they had such an affinity for the name an entirely new cigar was created for it. It, like other Diamond Crown products, is being rolled by Fuente here in Santiago.

It is available at Diamond Crown lounges around the U. The Oliva Serie V Maduro is stuck in a loop. The Papa Chogui began to appear in the capital last week, and should be in Santiago at this point. It will be showing up on American stores shelves already. I suppose I can go ahead and smoke the lone original Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin that I have staring back at me in the humidor.

Additionally, the Pork Chop and Le Vignoble are coming. Pete has said he tried to recreate the blends as closely as possible to the originals, using the same blend. Episode Tatuaje Face — Original. Some cinnamon offers up a bit of respite but the cigar generally remains in that realm. Cigar News Serious Cigars is the latest retailer to be bought out by one of the large tobacco companies. Tabacalera USA acquired them or at least, have announced the acquisition since our last show.

This spawned from an Instagram post by Pete Johnson and has been published elsewhere, but the RC line is expanding. Specifically pictured was the RC No. Pete did comment that it will feature an Ecuadoran habano wrapper, but as of yet no real details on availability and pricing…. For now the 2nd time since Kip had his arm inked, Fuente is changing the Don Carlos band. Back in early , they changed and added some gold trim across the bottom and a couple other minor details.

Somehow we missed this. The reasons are quite political and also rather interesting. Total production was 20, cigars. Cigar News Minute Musings and motivation…. Tune in for our wrapup on what this all means, for manufacturers, retailers, and YOU. Vice President….

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With a friend visiting the US this week, I took advantage of the opportunity to have some more brought down so I fired this one up. This is another of the newer companies putting out a cigar here in the DR. I enjoyed this one, but found it slightly out of balance with more potency than flavor…. Half Ashed Episode Cohiba Behike It figured out how to utilize a segment of the tobacco plant never used for a cigar before. The Medio Tiempo leaf was included in the Cohiba Behike line, representing its first use in any major production vitola. This is not the corona, where the ligero comes from.

This is above the ligero. And people loved it. A friend returned from the island in early with a bundle of 56s prior to their release.

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I can be certain that they are characteristically Cohiba and many are downright earthy enough to keep even the biggest fan satisfied. Citrus weaves in and out as a welcome palate cleanser amongst these sticks. Cigar News The big news for the day is another round of changes for those Cuban aficionados who travel abroad.

Additionally, you will be able to bring back Cuban goods without setting specifically traveling there. Formerly, one could only bring back Cuban items if they had traveled to Cuba; now Cuban goods can be returned from trips to third-party locales. Order them online? It was originally released in , but was short-lived. The latest batch should be hitting shelves over the next couple weeks. I have to admit I had never heard of Casa Cuevas, although they apparently have a factory nearby in Santiago. They previously specialized in making cigars for others, but have decided to branch out and produce some under their own name.

I will report back when I know more on the brand…. Nica puro, made for Quesada by Plasencia. What a difference a vitola makes…. Cigar News With all the covert cigar releases showing up around the US due to the FDA legislative deadlines, there were bound to be a few that drew my attention. I know Swisher has some operations here in Santiago, but the DE Dominicana is reported to be a longfiller, non-flavored cigar. According to the article, the parting was amicable, with both parties praising each other for their time together.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot. He has some good insights into a few things manufacturers may be overlooking, and some potential pitfalls that could evolve from knee-jerk reactions or poorly thought-out responses.

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You have to want it to enjoy it. It was good on its own merits, but I still miss that …. Half Ashed Episode Unbanded Tune in for the grand reveal!


We shall see how it progresses! A number of manufacturers have made it known that they have ceased their donations for fear of the practice being deemed against the sample restrictions outlined in the new regulations.

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It remains a gray area, but a couple of legislators have requested specific clarification from the FDA, and are introducing at least one bill that would specifically allow the continuation. We shall see in the days ahead…. It will be coming from Fratello this time around. The 3. Half Ashed Episode Montecristo No 2. Upmann factory, also owned at that point by Menendez. I believe this is the first time a true maduro has carried the Dunhill name.

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I had mixed results with this one. The first was a bit monotone, with an occasional foray into some slight bitterness. Giving it a second try, though, was rewarding. I still had some occasional tannic notes, but overall was much better. I had better luck with this than the Dunhill mentioned above. I played Craig just for a few minutes and trimmed away some of the wrapper. The Admiration is a mix of American and NIcaraguan tobacco.

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The FDA lost a lawsuit this week. A district court judge sided with the tobacco companies and deemed that new packaging does NOT necessarily mean a new tobacco product. This was specifically in regard to a cigarette suit, but should cover cigars as well.

FDA asserted previously that a change in any packaging would start a new application process. Notably, the judge also deemed a change in package quantity DOES signify a new tobacco product. No reasoning was given,. It had a total production of cigars, and sported a cured corojo wrapper cured?

Cigar News Carlos Fuente Sr. We offer our condolences and a few memories of Senior. Wide range of answers when mfrs.