Rand Paul, the Dishonorable Junior Senator from Kentucky

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It is unfortunate, but Joe Biden is pretty much the most normal candidate running against the incumbent who actually has a chance of winning. Not all of the oldbies of that party are going down without a fight. Donald Trump won the presidency, in my view, because a lot of people in the country felt downtrodden and ignored. However, for whatever policies and the like that Donald Trump and his administration have enacted or what not that have actually been quasi-helpful, he has created much ridiculousness, unprofessionalism, giving off a bad impression to others, every day feeling like a rollercoaster, etc.

Sen. Rand Paul awarded over $580G after he was attacked by neighbor

Hubris when it comes to political contest is very foolish. So my main concern is with which Democrat is going to succeed him in his office. I am very concerned that Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris will be the next president. In my opinion, if that happens, our trajectory will look like this:. Just ask Hillary who lost in Or Beto. Or Tom Daschle with regards to losing an election and then having to back out of confirmation hearings. That just concerns the whole Hillary campaign and the DNC with the Steele Dossier and the continuing fallout from that.

It seems obvious that the discussion cited was well after Biden was seen as a contender.

And even if there were other hit pieces like this months ago, Biden has been seen as a possible candidate for at least a year. So the incentive to push this propaganda is clear. With that said, I pay little mind to Adam Schiff. He is a rank partisan who bluffs like Trump although, to clarify that claim, let me make it clear that there is a caveat to that. My father, who I have noted before is a bit more to the left than I although we are both moderate independents finds Adam Schiff utterly obnoxious.

With that said, I hope that Donald Trump does think that Joe Biden is his most formidable opponent, because he is. It would be better for everyone involved if the Trump folks took Biden seriously. Only vote for less partisan matters I did this in a local election recently. In Ukraine, it involved an energy company called Burisma, which is a very corrupt organization headed by an oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky who is very close to ViktorYanukovich, the pro-Russian leader.

Is there a Russian component to this, because Burisma is such a corrupt company? I think the abortion issue is an excellent litmus test for myself as a voter I am not suggesting you use it as a mere litmus test Nisrani. I am saying I get a lot of benefit from looking at that issue. It gives me insights as to the worldview of a candidate. It also has another implication in the case of Joe Biden.


He was originally pro-life, and was vocal about how the Roe v. Wade decision upset him. But being the wuss that he is, he devolved in his position and now holds a pro-choice stance. The problem is that in many places in this country most , perhaps that would mean that one would be restricted to voting for Republicans. It adds extra weight to the breaking of my heart over this historically watching him evolve or unmask himself into a pro-abortion politician. I think that he honestly believed what he said back then. I think that, in his mind, he ended up deciding for himself that he had to bite the bullet and accept abortion as time went on.

An extremely credible source I know told me many years ago there was stuff in the Biden family that people did not know. It does sound crooked. World News. Cathoholic May 12, , pm 1.

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I think President Trump will tell Don Jr. Nisrani May 13, , am 2. Cathoholic May 13, , am 3. At least that is what I think is about to happen. And remember. He made a statement while under duress. He was broken by torture. Have you been tested? Do you know how long you could hold out? If not then STFU! By the way fool, it was not information. He admitted to being a war criminal and an air-pirate.

No information, you have been mislead. McCain stayed in that hell hole of a prison when he could have come home.


That makes him a heroe. Jim Connole those are personal opinions and no anacdotes are not at issue. Try reading real History not just the complaints of a few people with very little access to information. Definitely no hero. A sellout in Vietnam and last week in congress. Stop reading blogs and try History. While McCain himself is ashamed of having been broken by torture no one can hold that against him.

In the face of horrible conditions up to and including beatings and being hung by ropes for extended periods. He made a propaganda statement but he was not a traitor. He is lucky Nixon pardoned all war criminals after the war. That idiot McCain was smack in the middle of the beginning of the big fire on Forrestal…… Being a jackass killed sailors.

Kevin Waterhouse, He would have made a great liberal Democrat candidate for President. Hopefully he would have lost to a real Republican. Janet Shoemaker same thing I have heard for years now.. Dick Nixon supposidly pardoned McCain in for his supposed war crimes and treason.. Ricky Floyd not history just fiction. McCain and his aircraft were just in the way.

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Try History. Read his record-not anything to be proud about. Belongs in same category as Swiftboat Kerry. Spoiled brat! The real John McCain. McCain was a traitor and collaborator, while being held captive. Different culture than ours. There were several other jets on that particular mission and HE was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders! His flight grades were well below acceptable and he should have been run out of there too.

He used his position as XO and CO to take young junior female pilots on X-Country flights and screwed their brains out. I was in the Reserves, flying around the country at that time and it WAS the talk of the flight line!! John McCain IS a scum bag. The evidence for these acts exists and is substantial. I have to admit I have placed him in the repugnant category for a long while. His recent remarks blaming radio and television talkers for the failures of the legislative branch to be effective as legislators raised him to Ultra Repugnant! Who with so many years, in-the-job and at 80 years of age gets away with blaming others for their multiple failures?

Because of this McCain got preferential treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible pilot. McCain crashed two Navy Jets in his early career.

Rand Paul calls GOP colleagues hypocrites

He took off running, as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions and fires killed sailors aboard the Forrestal. Hours later, McCain took off with a New York Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to say that after seeing the effects of those bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to question the morality of dropping those bombs on the Viet Cong. McCain was the direct cause of deaths on his own ship, and was never reprimanded. He was nowhere to be found as the Forrestal had to limp to the Philippines for months of repair work.

McCain was married then.

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His wife was stricken with debilitating injuries in an automobile accident. And was hospitalized for more than 5 months. McCain was off gallivanting with anything in a skirt. Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries, which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and legs.