Kaiser Wilhelm II - Als Despot geboren oder zum Despoten gemacht? (German Edition)

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D66 Unknown. Aristotelian studies in 19th century philosophy []. Summary Aristotelian philosophy played an important part in the history of 19th century philosophy and science but has been largely neglected by researchers. A key element in the newly emerging historiography of ancient philosophy, Aristotelian philosophy served at the same time as a corrective guide in a wide range of projects in philosophy. This volume examines both aspects of this reception history. A67 Unknown. Arkansas travelers : geographies of exploration and perception, [].

Milson, Andrew J. Featherstonhaugh's Arkansas excursion, Deep mapping travelers' perceptions of the Arkansas past Award-winning author and teacher Andrew J. Milson takes readers on anenthralling tour with four travelers as they faced treacherous rivers, drunken scoundrels, and repulsive food on the Arkansas frontier.

But Milson also cautions thatthe dramatic imagery, provocative epithets, and frightful anecdotescommon in travel narratives too often result in distorted geographicalunderstandings of a place. Milson explains how the language in each ofthese travelers' published narratives reveals perceptions of places andlandscapes that can be mapped. When mapped, travelers' perceptionsreveal not just what the traveler said, but where he said it.


Theresulting maps of these travelers' perceptions of Arkansasillustrate the places experienced and perceived rather than simply thespaces they traversed. A deeper understanding of the Arkansas past and the early nineteenth century American frontier is unveiled through maps of their stories and perceptions. M Unknown.

Dagenais, Lucie France, author. Paris : L'Harmattan, [] Description Book — pages : map, charts ; 22 cm. W5 D34 Available. Art and advertising in Buffalo Bill's Wild West []. Delaney, Michelle Anne, author. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [] Description Book — xii, pages : illustrations chiefly color ; 29 cm. C57 D45 Unavailable In process Request. Art and commerce in late imperial Russia : the Peredvizhniki, a partnership of artists [].

Commercial institutionalization, Chapter 2.

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Selling the exhibition, Chapter 3. Self-fashioning in group photographs, Chapter 4. Inaugural success: the first show, Chapter 6. Split with the Academy: the fifth exhibition, Chapter 7. Critical point: the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth shows, Chapter 8. Self-Defence: the Partnership's anniversary reports, , Conclusion: The Peredvizhniki in a broader European context Appendices 1.

Charter of the Partnership for Touring Art Exhibitions, 2. The Partnership's fifteenth-anniversary report, 3.

The Partnership's twenty-fifth-anniversary report, 4. A list of the touring art exhibitions and statistics, Selected bibliography Index.

Schematism: Poetics on the Way to Kant, – - ProQuest

Shabanov advances a more pragmatic reading of the Peredvizhniki, artists seeking professional and creative freedom in authoritarian Tsarist Russia. He likewise demonstrates and challenges how and why the group eventually came to be defined as a critically-minded Realist art movement.

Unprecedentedly rich in new primary visual and textual sources, the book also connects afresh the Russian and Western art worlds of the period.

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  • Der Lebensweg - ein Werk von Leo Tolstoi: Ein Buch für Wahrheitssucher. Ins Deutsche übertragen von Dr. Adolf Heß editiert von Franz Gnacy (German Edition);
  • La balle de tennis (French Edition).
  • France or Paris or Cote D'or or Lyon or Marseilles, First Edition.

A must-read for anyone interested in Russian art and culture, 19th-century European art, and also the history of art exhibitions, art movements, and the art market. S52 Unknown. L'art et la bataille : les campagnes d'Italie et []. Nicolas, Aude, author. N53 F Available. Lafont, Anne, author.

L34 Unknown. Art, race, and fantastic color change in the Victorian novel []. Durgan, Jessica, author. Description Book — pages : illustration ; 24 cm. While color has been historically viewed as suspicious and seductive in Western culture, the Victorian period constitutes a significant moment in the history of color: the rapid development of new color technologies and the upheavals of the first avant-garde art movements result in an increase in coloring's prestige in the art academies. At the same time, race science appropriates color, using it as a criterion for classification in the establishment of global racial hierarchies.

These artist-authors draw on color's traditional association with constructions of otherness to consider questions of identity and difference through the imaginative possibilities of color"-- Provided by publisher. R34 D87 Unknown. Articulating bodies : the narrative form of disability and illness in Victorian fiction []. Hingston, Kylee-Anne, author. D57 A78 Unavailable On order Request.

Jahrhunderts []. Vogt, Tobias, author. Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, Brill Deutschland GmbH, [] Description Book — pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations some color ; 24 cm. P37 V64 Available. The artist as animal in nineteenth-century French literature []. Nettleton, Claire, author. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [] Description Book — xiv, pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. Introduction 1.

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Conclusion: Henri Rousseau and Synthetic Naivete. This book examines examples of visual literature, inspired by the struggles of artists such as Edouard Manet and Vincent van Gogh. Juxtaposing these literary works with contemporary animal theory McHugh, Deleuze, Guattari and Derrida , zoo studies Berger, Rothfels and Lippit and feminism Donovan, Adams and Haraway , Claire Nettleton explores the extent to which the nineteenth-century dissolution of the human subject contributed to a radical, modern aesthetic. Utilizing these interdisciplinary methodologies, Nettleton argues that while inducing anxiety regarding traditional humanist structures, the "artist-animal, " an embodiment of artistic liberation within an urban setting, is, at the same time, a paradigmatic trope of modernity.

N48 Unknown. Tillier, Bertrand, author. P6 T Available. The artists of the South Peninsula : their paintings along the coastal road : Simons Town to Muizenberg - [].

Schematism: Poetics on the Way to Kant, 1760–1790

Walker, Michael, author. James [Cape Town] : Michael Walker, [? This included paintings from black-and-white photographs, introduced c. It was only after that commercial colour photography became available. The book records the history of these early artists and their paintings along the coastal road"--back cover. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, V Available. J3 A69 Unknown. Aspects of the life and works of Archibald Geikie []. London : The Geological Society, Description Book — viii, pages : maps some colur , illustrations some color ; 25 cm. Behrens [I]. Taylor [III]. Burek M.

Sanders [IV]. Butler, Stephen J. Matthews and Richard K. Scott [VII]. Mendum and Michael P. Howe [VIII]. Sir Archibald Geikie was a leading figure of the world of Victorian science.

His significant role and contribution to geology and as a leading figure of his time remains preserved within the archive at Haslemere Educational Museum, which has been used in the research undertaken by many of the contributors to this volume. G NO. At the bridge : James Teit and an anthropology of belonging []. Wickwire, Wendy C. Scholars of law, treaties, and politics in British Columbia will find invaluable information in this book.

T38 W53 Unknown.