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They said they'd be pleased for whatever help they could get.

In the atrium on deck 3, passengers queue for Mickey Mouse's autograph. I overhear an adult passenger ask a crew member, "Exactly how many Mickey Mouse symbols are there on board? There are about 20 within our immediate vicinity — art deco mouse ears on the frosted glass doorways, swirly mouse ears on the carpet. The passenger looks annoyed that his question can't be answered.

It's a Disney tradition to embed tiny mouse symbols into the architecture. Fans love to spot them. I wander into one of the bars and get talking to a waiter. Even if you're a waiter, or a cleaner, or a deck hand.


I'll be going home in 40 days — 44 to be exact. Being away from your family is hard. He narrows his eyes. There's a long silence. He looks at me. Ahead of us are the lights of another cruise ship. A few days later — when we reach Puerto Vallarta — I spot it again. It's called the Carnival Spirit.

Forty-three people have vanished from Carnival cruises since Theirs is the worst record of all cruise companies. There have been disappearances in total, across all cruise lines, since Rebecca is Disney's first. A few days ago, Rebecca's father emailed me: "Would like to inform you the number of people missing this year has just gone up to A guy has gone missing in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Carnival Conquest. When someone vanishes from a cruise ship, one of the first things that happens to their family members is they receive a call from an Arizona man named Kendall Carver. Almost every two weeks someone goes overboard. He lost his own daughter, Merrian, back in August , from the Celebrity Mercury. Even though the cabin steward reported her missing on day two, Carver said, no alarm was ever raised.

When the Mercury docked in Vancouver — as Carver later testified at a US Senate subcommittee hearing — nobody from the ship said anything, not to the police, the FBI, nobody. They just quietly placed Merrian's belongings in storage, then gave them to charity.

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At the time, Celebrity Cruise Line issued a statement saying, "Regrettably, there is very little a cruise line, a resort or a hotel can do to prevent someone from committing suicide. Later, the company added, "There is probably nothing we or any company could do that would make the parents feel the company had acted sensitively enough.

Over the phone, he told me theories of murder, negligence and cover-ups. Sometimes he sounded angry and xenophobic; at other times he was incredibly compelling. Once you leave the port, you're in international waters. Who do you think is attracted to working on those ships? Just think about the drinking. Royal Caribbean has just started a policy of unlimited drinks for one price.

Celebrity is doing it. She went to the balcony and threw up and went overboard. She was gone.

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The cruise line, Costa Magica, conducted its own investigation into her disappearance and decided there was "no evidence of an accidental fall", that Lynsey had shown the bartender ID stating that she was 23 years old and that her death was caused by "underage drinking". While they "continued to extend their deepest sympathy" to the family, they claimed their report cleared them of any wrongdoing. They aren't going to do anything when the lines get sued. We came to the conclusion cover-up is the standard operating procedure.

Where is the CCTV footage? They refuse to "disclose the number of CCTV cameras or their locations for security reasons". There's no way someone can go off a ship and it not be recorded. A school of dolphins leap into the air, doing back-flips. Passengers around me gasp. A young crew member from Ireland passes and I ask her about life in the crew cabins. She means it's magical, but tiny and dark. Their cabins are windowless, below sea level, like steel boxes.

Crew members are contracted to work seven days a week for four-, six- or eight-month stretches according to how high up the ladder they are before being allowed a few months off. At 10pm one night, I see some women from Rebecca's department — Youth Activities — playing with kids on the stairs. It seems they're on duty as long as there are kids who need entertaining. A former member of staff, Kim Button, has written a blog about life on the Wonder: "I don't think it's possible to imagine how tiny a crew room is without actually seeing it!

Seriously, your mind can't even fathom such things. We had staff meetings at 2am, the only time when one of us wasn't working, so even if your work day ended at 10pm, you couldn't get much sleep because you had to be in a meeting at 2am… The crew pool is literally one of the few places where crew members can just hang out and be themselves, without fear of acting improperly in front of guests.

I watch a children's entertainer try out a move in which he throws a stuffed pelican to his assistant. It accidentally hits her in the face. In a shore excursion, a Mexican crew member asks some passengers to stand in a straight line, two by two, while we wait for the bus. Every passenger feels the need to say something facetiously passive-aggressive in response.

The crew member looks upset and embarrassed. I've decided the only place Rebecca could have fallen from is the deck 4 jogging track. The railings everywhere else are just too high. She was a keep-fit fanatic. My theory is that after the 5. So I'm surprised to spot four CCTV cameras on deck 4 — two on the port side, two on the starboard, evidently capturing every inch of the deck. They're hard to see at first as they're shaped like long tubes and look like some kind of nautical equipment. A man in yellow overalls is varnishing a railing. There's a big Cinderella party going on.

Someone is singing a song about how we have to have "faith, trust and pixie dust". There's a crew party going on somewhere, too — I hear massive screeching and laughter from behind a steel door. It sounds very different from the guest parties, like a pressure cooker letting off steam.


I sidle up to the man doing the varnishing. That's where she went from. The starboard side. Everyone knows. I walk up to deck 10 and look down. And I see it. The crew swimming pool looks nice — bigger than some of the guest pools. But it's the swimming pool equivalent of an inside cabin. There is no view of the ocean because behind the railings is a high steel wall.

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It reaches well above head height. There is no way someone could accidentally fall from there. Back on deck 4, the man is still varnishing. The passengers are very demanding. You work every day for six months. You have to be a Disney-type person the whole time, even when you're varnishing railings…" He looks at me as if I'm nuts. We spend our free time in the mess hall or by the crew pool.