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Thinking back to the idea we began with, the talent show, I think each using all that the master has entrusted to us is the real Christian talent show. As we come to the final verses of our passage v. If we want to see what our master is like we can look there. If we want to see what we owe him we can look there.

We have seen in verse 24 that the faithless servant has his mina removed and given to the one who made ten more and v 26 takes this into the general spiritual principle that Jesus makes a number of times. Could you really imagine a more faith less servant than the one who had his mina taken away? Not only had he disobeyed instructions and let his master down but he had totally misrepresented what his master was like.

Of course the challenge for ourselves is to consider what our behaviour is telling our master what we think of him. Verse 27 links back to characters at the start of the parable — the rebels trying to overthrow their rightful ruler.

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Their fate is swift and severe but deserved. Remember this is a parable and this was standard behaviour for a king but we also need to think about where this parable occurs in the life of Jesus. He is going to Jerusalem to be crucified. It is no light thing to reject your king. So in conclusion, the challenge of the parable is that the master is away long enough for the true intentions of both groups his citizens and his servants to be revealed.

By the grace of God and by the deathof Jesus on the cross we can also be called children of God but we must never forget that we have been called to serve and we have a responsibility to use all he has entrusted to us for faithfully. The King in Waiting v.

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The King in waiting v. Some of his subjects hated him and tried unsuccessfully to stop him being confirmed as ruler This might seem like a fairly random story but to his hearers it would immediately ring bells. The Master and his servants v. I know it has puzzled me in the past but it makes sense when you consider: The master was hardly an abusive boss.

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He had freely entrusted the servant with a generous amount of money and those who had used their talent well had great reward lavished upon them. The master is hardly mean. The echoing of the servants words in v 22 shows another point too.

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If the servant had really thought the master so harsh surely he would have done something. Money, wages Possessions Abilities Leisure And….. Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you discover the gifts of others:. Who are some of your role models? What gifts do you have that your siblings, parents, or grandparents have too? Go further! Research family history, discover stories, and identify even more gifts you share with your family.

We just need to be dedicated to discovering and developing our gifts and talents—then, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can become perfect in Him see Moroni What not-so-obvious gifts have you discovered? Topics : Talents. Tech culture. News videos. Explainer videos. Sport videos. Money transfers.

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