Donde habitan los faraones (Spanish Edition)

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The gardener will rake up the shells. And leave in a corner of the patio. The little mound of empty shells, like skulls. By noon the fog is burnt off by the sun. And the world's immensest sky opens a page.


For the exercise of a future age;. Now jet planes draw straight lines, parabolas,. And x's, which the wind, before they're done,. Erases leisurely or pulls to fuzz. It is winter in the valley of the vine.

The vineyards crucified on stakes suggest. War cemeteries, but the fruit is pressed,. The redwood vats are brimming in the shed,.

And on the sidings stand tank cars of wine,. For which bright juice a billion grapes have bled. And skiers from the snow line driving home.

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Descend through almond orchards, olive farms. Fig tree and palm tree - everything that warms.

El ascenso de los faraones negros del Antiguo Egipto - Documental

The imagination of the wintertime. If the walls were older one would think of Rome:. If the land were stonier one would think of Spain. But this land grows the oldest living things,.

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Trees that were young when Pharoahs ruled the world,. Trees whose new leaves are only just unfurled. Beautiful they are not; they oppress the heart. With gigantism and with immortal wings;. And yet one feels the sumptuousness of this dirt. It is raining in California, a straight rain. Cleaning the heavy oranges on the bough,. Filling the gardens till the gardens flow,. Shining the olives, tiling the gleaming tile,. Waxing the dark camellia leaves more green,.

Flooding the daylong valleys like the Nile. Esto es invierno en California y afuera. Es como el interior del negocio de una florista:. Rosas raras para un banquete o una novia. Desde los arbustos de rosas hasta la cama de hiedra;. Para ellos. Para el ejercicio de las edades futuras;.

Y los rayos xs con los cuales el viento, antes de que ellos lo hagan. Borra sin prisa o tira a las pelusas. Este es el invierno en el valle de la vid. Higueras y palmeras- todo esto se calienta en. Pero esta tierra hizo crecer las viejas cosas vivientes. Y uno siente las suntuosidades de esta tierra. Llueve en California, una lluvia recta. Rellenando los jardines hasta que el flujo de los jardines.

Resplandece en los olivos, embaldosando las destellantes losas. The beauty of manhole covers--what of that? Like medals struck by a great savage khan,. Like Mayan calendar stones, unliftable, indecipherable,. Not like the old electrum, chased and scored,.

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Mottoed and sculptured to a turn,. But notched and whelked and pocked and smashed. With the great company names.

Gentle Bethlehem, smiling United States. This rustproof artifact of my street,. Sidewise in the grave of the iron-old world,. Bitten at the edges,. Strong with its cryptic American,.

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Its dated beauty. Como piedras del calendario Maya, incopiable, indescifrable,. Este artefacto inoxidable de mi calle. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. It was more of a slow, ponderous whodunnit with great exploration of various characters' increasingly fragile emotional states as the mystery thickens before eventually unwinding.

I am sure many people will delight in this book, and fair play to them. It is credit to the quality of the penmanship that I didn't give up before the halfway mark. I did, in fact, finish the book, and I certainly wouldn't say I hated it, it just didn't deliver what I want from a supposed suspense story.

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Great scene building and character development, and a decent enough climax but not enough of a journey getting to it. I would love to rate the book higher, and many will, but I can only call 'em as I see 'em, and reading this was hard work for me which, if one reads for pleasure, is never a good thing. Three stars purely for the standard of writing. Not so much one for Patterson, Deaver and Connelly fans in my opinion. View all 5 comments. Book club read 23 June Manuel is an author, married to Alvaro, a businessman in Spain.

Alvaro dies in a car accident far from home, not where he was supposed to be on business. When facts begin to surface, Manuel becomes aware of a secret life his husband was living. So much Manuel was never told, what could Alvaro have been covering up?