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A total of ten fossil specimens were included in the study, all dated around million years old, providing solid evidence of wing feathers from ancient birds, tufted dinosaur 'protofeathers', and even partly decomposed body feathers.

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The technologies included advanced forms of microscopy and spectroscopy, allowing the team to capture an impressive level of detail from the well-preserved remains, providing information on their anatomy and — in some cases — colouration. Some of the feathers were relatively advanced, sporting barbed 'zips' similar to modern feathers that helps them interlock for flight, and gives the animal protection against the elements. To understand the conditions these dinosaurs lived in, we need to rewind the clock a few hundred million years, when Earth's familiar map of continents would have looked rather different.

Today's southern landmasses - Antarctica, Australia, South America, and Africa, along with India and Arabia — were all mushed together in one giant supercontinent called Gondwana , which sat more or less directly centred on Earth's South Pole. The world's climate was a lot warmer back then and Gondwana wasn't a winter wonderland all year round.

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