DIARIO DE LA ISLA (Spanish Edition)

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These books, published in 10 editions between and list the names of all the family members including both surnames , home and business addresses of about 12, Cuban families living in exile. Publication ceased after Castro assumed power.

The last edition was published posthumously in As of March we are informed that the following volumes are still available from the Publisher:. For further information contact the Publisher: Ana M.

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A faithful reproduction of the Habana telephone book both white and yellow pages. Good for nostalgia buffs and to check on where someone lived or the location of a business in that era.

Enciclopedia economica de Cuba Republicana Coleccion diccionarios. Contains entries, each one providing details of one of the principal industrial or commercial enterprises existing in Cuba in Operadornan di casnan di cuido tin te 1 di Augustus pa nan permiso ta na ordo Redaccion 36 - July 1, Percura pa bo ta cumpli awor si cu ley di cacho Redaccion 36 - July 1, Redaccion 36 - July 1, Redaccion 36 - July 1, 0.

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