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Very quickly the children talked about ice cream and how they wanted to make a shop. Elmers have enjoyed flying from our airport to destinations far and wide, some even made it to Australia! The children have had lots of muddy fun in the forest school this week, delighting in the amount of puddles. All the children did so well on move up afternoon we were very proud of them.

In our music session this week we learnt about the lengths of different music note values: quavers and crotchets. Tigers were excited to have a special PE lesson on Thursday with Mrs Grindrod to get ready for sports day! Tuesday 25th June Transition morning at the Prep School.

All children must arrive at Nursery by 9am at the latest. Wednesday 26th June visit to Ely Cathedral. Monday 1st July Sports day- Please ensure your child is wearing the correct colour t-shirt for their house red, yellow or green. If you have any questions about this please let us know. Tuesday 2nd July-end of year Tiger party. Children can come to Nursery dressed in party clothes and can bring party food to share. I know that they had a lovely time with Mrs Jones in their new classroom, thank you very much to everyone who came along for the presentations.

If you do have any questions following the talk, please do contact me or Mrs Jones. The children have done some amazing writing about their own animal character creations. Next week we will be finishing off our animal stories, as well as doing some writing about our hopes and goals for Year 1. Next week we will be recapping addition and subtraction and looking at resources such as number lines and squares.

Tuesday: Move-up morning at St. All children need to be at Station Road by 9am ready to walk down. Thursday 27th June- Nursery Rhyme Day — children can come dressed as a character from a nursery rhyme and there will be a prize for the best dressed in each class! We have had a wonderful week in Year 1 with Move Up afternoon and a museum trip! The children were fantastic and we were very proud of them.

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Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Hope is the Thing with Feathers. Song of the Dodo. Wonderful Life. Soul of the Night. The Moon by Whale Light. The Flamingo's Smile. The Boilerplate Rhino.

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Dragons of Eden. The Road of a Naturalist. Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen.

Sea Glass contlopetetha.gaillars?!?! 🤷🏼‍♂️

The Song of the Dodo. The Diversity of Life by E. The Reluctant Mr. The Beak of the Finch. The Bluebird Effect. The Wisdom of Birds. The Grail Bird. A Shadow and a Song. Red-Tails in Love. The Final Days. Stealing Lincoln's Body.

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Thank you Special thanks for stopping by my blog. This journal has logged over a quarter of a million page-views. Most of the visitors have lived in the U. S, but after that, nature calling has been visited by people from other countries plus Antarctica.

That's more places than I'll ever get to visit using my own two legs. All original photos, illustrations and text are the work of the author and cannot be reproduced without written consent. Friday, June 20, mystery woolly worm.

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Monday, June 16, wild turkey's strong numbers. Sunday, June 15, in passing. His coda, the last beat of his avian heart, came either late in the evening June 15 or early June Some accounts use June 17, but that was probably the day it was reported. The species or subspecies Ammodramus maritimus nigrescens was non-migratory with a small home range: the mashes dominated by broomgrass on Merritt Island and along the St. Johns, Banana and Indian rivers in Florida.

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  4. The last dusky, a male, was nicknamed "Orange" because of the band of that color it once wore. He lived out his final days in captivity, his last home was on Discovery Island at Disney World.

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    Reclusive, he spent most of his time hidden in the tall grass at the bottom of his aviary. Alone, he rarely sang. To what purpose? There was no other dusky to serenade. If you are it, the very last, the swan song and your species is about to vanish, what would you do?

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    An excellent account of the chain of events that led to population losses and the bungled attempts to save what was left of the dusky seaside sparrow. Labels: dusky seaside sparrow. Friday, June 13, cigar tree. Thursday, June 12, taking the high ground. This time we'll explore another section of the South Loop. To sign up call, , ext.

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    Here are photos from our last hike.