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Knows which saw is for what, how to find the stud, when to use galvanized nails.

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A miter saw, incidentally, is the kind that sits on a table, has a circular blade, and is used for cutting at precise angles. Very satisfying saw. A man knows how to lose an afternoon. Drinking, playing Grand Theft Auto, driving aimlessly, shooting pool.

Masculinity, Money, and Intimacy in Nigeria

A man listens, and that's how he argues. He crafts opinions. He can pound the table, take the floor. It's not that he must. It's that he can. Or he stands watch. He interrupts trouble. This is the state policeman.

This is the poet. Men, both of them. Style — a man has that. No matter how eccentric that style is, it is uncontrived. It's a set of rules. He understands the basic mechanics of the planet. Or he can close one eye, look up at the sun, and tell you what time of day it is. Or where north is.

He can tell you where you might find something to eat or where the fish run. He understands electricity or the internal-combustion engine, the mechanics of flight or how to figure a pitcher's ERA. A man can tell you he was wrong. That he did wrong. That he planned to.

He can tell you when he is lost. He can apologize, even if sometimes it's just to put an end to the bickering. A man does not wither at the thought of dancing. But it is generally to be avoided. A man watches. Sometimes he goes and sits at an auction knowing he won't spend a dime, witnessing the temptation and the maneuvering of others.

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  5. Sometimes he stands on the street corner watching stuff. This is not about quietude so much as collection. It is not about meditation so much as considering. A man refracts his vision and gains acuity. This serves him in every way. No one taught him this — to be quiet, to cipher, to watch. In this way, in these moments, the man is like a zoo animal: both captive and free.

    You cannot take your eyes off a man when he is like that. You shouldn't. The hell if you know what he is thinking, who he is, or what he will do next. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Lifestyle.

    What Is It Like to Be a Man?

    The 25 Best Gifts for Marvel Superfans. The experience of growing up as a boy and becoming a man in our culture introduces us to valuable skills and knowledge for participating in and contributing to work, family and community life. Some of the 'masculine' attributes that can produce difficulties for men who have experienced sexual abuse, can also be valuable resources and strengths to draw upon. The challenge is to make use of the knowledge and skills men have picked up without these becoming the only way we operate. In a crisis or emergency and in some kinds of work, the ability to 'stay calm,' 'keep a level head' or 'hold it together' is highly valued and sought after.

    These skills are not only useful in some occupations, such as working in medical and emergency services or high pressure workplace and business operations, but are valuable life skills that help us to parent and assist members of our community every day. Learning developed in relation to masculine stereotypes can be drawn upon in managing potentially overwhelming emotions.

    For example:. The potential difficulty with expectations of being self reliant, able to look after yourself and take care of things is that when overdone it can have men becoming quite isolated. It can lead to men closing down and keeping quiet, becoming reluctant to talk about what is going on for them. Unrealistic expectations to 'man up' or 'harden up,' to 'push through' and 'just get on with it' can lead to men feeling they have to deal with problems alone. Men can believe it is a sign of weakness to ask for help with personal problems, difficult thoughts or feelings.

    Some of the things we know are helpful for recovering, like connecting with other people, are at odds with the demands of self reliance. Yet in other areas of their life, men will routinely gather all the information and support they can. If you have a problem with your car you can't fix, you take it to a mechanic or friend who knows about cars. One of the most helpful things men can do to help themselves is to build relationships with supportive people. Each man and boy are different and their needs are different.

    Respect their boundaries and try to understand that even if they push you away, it is not to hurt you but because they are hurting.

    Being a man

    Another area to be sensitive to as a man is that pressure to be in control does not reduce choice and options. Everybody wants to have some sense of control over their own life. Control in this sense is not a bad thing. This is extremely relevant for men who have been subjected to sexual abuse, because sexual abuse is about having control and choice taken away.

    This could include control over your body and how it reacted to the abuse, or how you react to memories of the abuse now. Men sometimes go to extreme lengths to control every aspect of their emotions, lives and environment. Trying to control all emotions can be counter productive in that it can both lead to complete numbness and set up a battle with emotions where we continually feel out of control in not being able to control a natural response to an unwanted event.

    To Guys Who Think It's "Hard To Be A Man" Right Now, I’ve Got Some News For You

    If someone's sense of trust has been broken and they have been hurt, they can sometimes get into excessive control as a way to try and make sure they don't experience hurt again. This is when problems can arise, because the need to be 'in control' can lead men to put undue pressure on themselves, to close down and isolate themselves further or to try to control their immediate environment and lives of loved ones. Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect and choice, not control. The challenge is to accept that, although in the past someone may have abused your trust, not everyone you trust wants to hurt you or your family.

    If you have children, it is important that they can explore the world and learn things for themselves, to develop their skills, to let help them learn the challenges of life in safe ways.

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    People might let you down from time to time, and this can be hurtful; however these let downs can be part of a healthy relationship, and is quite different from someone deliberately abusing your trust to hurt you. The expectation for men to be in control is neither all good nor all bad. What's important is that choice is also prioritised and enacted in relation to the kind of person you want to be and the respectful relationships you are working to develop. When we listen to men who have been subjected to sexual abuse speak about their struggles with sex, we are often invited to think all these problems are caused by sexual abuse.

    Experiences of sexual abuse can make sex itself seem abusive, and generate a lot of anxiety and fear about sex. Managing the tension between these two sets of influences is extremely challenging. Some men and their partners find it helpful to consciously put sex 'on the backburner' for a period of time, and instead focus on intimacy and play. This can ease the pressure on both partners.

    It can also help to have open and honest discussions with your partner about the anxieties that sex can raise for both of you, and what support you need from each other. For example, men might worry that their partner feels rejected or unattractive if he does not want sex.