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These three had died of smallpox. Bridger wanted to move on, but Carson and the other young men wanted to kill the Blackfeet. They found the Blackfoot village and killed ten Blackfeet warriors. The Blackfeet found some safety in a pile of rocks but were driven away. It is not known how many Blackfeet died in this incident. Historian David Roberts writes: "[I]f anything like pity filled Carson's breast as, in his twenty-ninth year, he beheld the ravaged camp of the Blackfeet, he did not bother to remember it.

Carson's notions about Indians softened over the years. He found himself more and more in their company as he grew older and his attitude towards them became more respectful and humane. He urged the government to set aside lands called reservations for their use.

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As an Indian agent, he saw to it that those under his watch were treated with honesty, fairness, and clothed and fed properly. Historian David Roberts believes his first marriage to an Arapaho woman named Singing Grass "softened the stern and pragmatic mountaineer's opportunism. In April , Carson went back to his childhood home in Missouri to put his daughter Adaline in the care of relatives.

He was about to lead an expedition into the West. It was the best-paying job of Carson's life.

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He was a man of medium height, broad-shouldered, and deep-chested, with a clear steady blue eye and frank speech and address; quiet and unassuming. This was their first expedition into the West together. The purpose of this expedition was to map and describe the Oregon Trail as far as South Pass. A guidebook, maps, and other paraphernalia would be printed for westward-bound migrants and settlers. These reports made Carson's name known across the United States, and spurred a migration of settlers westward to Oregon via the Oregon Trail.

They also side-tripped to Great Salt Lake in Utah , using a rubber raft to navigate the waters. They found American settlers who fed them. The expedition then headed to California. This was illegal and dangerous because California was Mexican territory.

The government liked his reports, but ignored his illegal trip into Mexico. The newspapers nicknamed him "The Pathfinder". His party met a Mexican man and boy. The two told Carson that Native Americans had ambushed their party of travelers. The male travelers were killed; the women travelers were staked to the ground, sexually mutilated, and killed.

The murderers then stole the Mexicans' thirty horses. Carson and a mountain man friend named Alexis Godey went after the murderers. They took two days to find them. They rushed into their camp, killing and scalping two of the murderers. The stolen horses were recovered and returned to the Mexican man and boy. This deed brought Carson even greater fame. It confirmed his status as a western hero in the eyes of the American people.

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Kit Carson

The Mexican government ordered him to leave. The party moved up along the Sacramento River, continuing to kill Indians as they went, then camped near Klamath Lake. Two or three men in camp were killed.

The attackers fled after a brief struggle. Carson was angry that his friends had been killed. He took an axe and avenged the death of his friends by chopping away at a dead Indian's face. There was no evidence that the village in question had anything to do with the previous attack. American settlers in California wanted to be free of the Mexican government and declared California an independent republic.

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In , he took news of the California Gold Strike to the nation's capitol. He was taking them to settlers in northern California, and southern Oregon. Carson had with him six "Spaniards" possibly Basques to herd the sheep. Carson's fame spread throughout the United States with government reports, dime novels, newspaper accounts, and word of mouth. The dime novels celebrated Carson's adventures, but were usually colored with exaggeration. A factual biography was attempted by DeWitt C. Peters in , but has been criticized for inaccuracies and exaggerations. The first story about Carson's adventures was printed in It was printed in Holden's Dollar Magazine.

Writers thought Carson the perfect mountain man and Indian fighter. In this story, an older Kit is said to have "ridden into Sioux camps unattended and alone, had ridden out again, but with the scalps of their greatest warriors at his belt. In , Carson guided soldiers on the trail of Mrs. Ann White, her baby daughter and "negro servant," who had been captured by Jicarilla Apaches and Utes.

As Carson describes it in his autobiography: "In about yards, pursuing the Indians, the body of Mrs. White was found, perfectly warm, had not been killed more than five minutes - shot through the heart by an arrow I am certain that if the Indians had been charged immediately on our arrival she would have been saved.

A soldier in the rescue party wrote: "Mrs. White was a frail, delicate, and very beautiful woman, but having undergone such usage as she suffered nothing but a wreck remained; it was literally covered with blows and scratches. Her countenance even after death indicated a hopeless creature. Over her corpse, we swore vengeance upon her persecutors.

Carson discovered a book about himself in the Apache camp.

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This was the first time that he found himself in print. He was the hero of adventure stories. He was sorry for the rest of his life that Mrs. White had been killed.

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He wrote in his Memoirs : "In camp was found a book, the first of the kind I had ever seen, in which I was made a great hero, slaying Indians by the hundreds I have often thought that Mrs. White read the same In , Carson told his life story to someone who wrote it down. This book is called Memoirs. The manuscript was lost when taken East to find a professional writer who would work it into a book. Washington Irving was asked, but declined. The lost manuscript was found in a trunk in Paris in It was later printed.

The first biography of Carson was written by DeWitt C.

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Peters in When the book was read to Carson he said, "Peters laid it on a leetle too thick. One of Carson's best known adventures took place during this war. Mexican soldiers attacked Kearny and his men near the village of San Pasqual, California. Kearny was outnumbered.

He knew he could not win; he ordered his men to take cover on a small hill. Carson and the lieutenant removed their shoes because they made too much noise, and walked barefoot through the desert. Carson wrote in his Memoirs : "Finally got through, but had the misfortune to lose our shoes.

Had to travel over a country covered with prickly pear and rocks, barefoot. By December 10, Kearny believed reinforcements would not arrive. He planned to break through the Mexican lines the next morning, but mounted American soldiers arrived in San Pasqual late that night.

They swept the area, driving the Mexicans away. Kearny was in San Diego on December In April , the American Civil War broke out. Carson left his job as an Indian agent and joined the Union Army as a lieutenant. He led the 1st New Mexico Volunteer Infantry and trained the new men.