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The patterns hold my interest - they have enough complexity that I don't get bored. They're challenging, but not to the point of causing me to break out in a knitting fever. It's a book I'll use again and again, which is more than I can say for most knitting books. Great patterns in a real stand up yarn, but mostly blankets. A few nice clothing patterns for babies. Still a good book. Wonderful pattern!

Thank you sooooo much! Bedding, Yarn, Crafts, Old-Fashioned. This pattern is totally free as "Crocheted Carriage Cover No. I'm not sure why someone is charging money for a free pattern LOL! Fast delivery.

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Nice to receive an additional pattern as well. Great vintage pattern, already making the second one. Crochet Baby Blankets - 18 Vintage Patterns. These patterns are nice. The problem with this book is that the photos are hard to see, since. The way some patterns are written is confusing.

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So if you're looking for easy to follow , this isn't for you. I would call this book for expert only. Fine for what I wanted it for.


Patons Beehive Just for Dolls Great instructions! Nice little book. This book would be best for someone that has been crocheting for some time otherwise it can be a bit confusing. Because these patterns are older anyone using them will have to convert the hook sizes to modern hook sizes and available yarn. Vintage Purses to Make, Sew and Embroider. I just may do something like one of these. Or at least use these techniques in a project. I really like the look of them. See All Buying Options. It's a beautiful pattern for the young ladies in my family, and the pictures and instructions were clear.

Vintage Crochet Hat Patterns

I would enjoy more of these patterns for my kindle, but I'd like to choose the type. I make chemo hats for all ages and am always looking for simple, attractive patterns. Classic is always in style. Currently unavailable. Haven't made it yet-but I'm so happy I was able to purchase the instructions.

It's exactly what I was looking for. How to make a Downton Abbey style hat- crochet pattern. Lindgren indianapolis, indiana United States.


Just love old crochet patterns, it is great looking , and the vintage style works well with today's fashions and more. I recently started crocheting and I have been trying to find patterns for a vintage hat all over the place. The patterns in here were really cool and they appear to actually be vintage.

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They were probably free patterns offered in store at one point sort of like the free patterns that Michaels or JoAnns offers by the yarn supplies. I found the instructions pretty easy to follow and love my new hat! Vintage Crochet Pattern. Just as stated Thank you. Made this hat already. Love it. Wonderful pattern! Thank you sooooo much! Would have like a version for knitting on circle needles.

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Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Hastings USA. This book met all of my expectations and more.